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Gastric Sleeve Success Stories. - Bariatric Daily

Gastric Sleeve Success Stories.

The vertical sleeve gastrectomy or commonly known as longitudinal “vertical” gastrectomy, vertical gastroplasy and gastric reduction is one of the laparoscopic bariatric surgeries that are performed on obese patients. This surgery is performed with the main aim of reducing the size of the patient’s stomach. This is done by stapling it and removing some parts of it and leaving behind a banana shaped sleeve or a tube that comes from the stomach. This is a very powerful weight loss surgery that is also irreversible.

The surgery is ideal for the overweight people, those who have gone through thick and thin in their quest to lose weight but have not yet gotten a solution. Though a few people disapprove the technique of losing weight surgically, it has proven to be not only safe but also a successful life changing occurrence in the life of many. The patients always undergo a rigorous phase of information sharing and asking question before the surgery. It is the right of every patient to know whether there are any risks or complication that might occur before submitting themselves for the surgery. Losing weight is not difficult as much as surgery is concerned. Anyone who undergoes the surgery has a very high chance of losing weight thereafter.

Vanessa is a 45 year old woman who lives and works in Texas. She has a husband and three kids. She would be living a perfectly normal life had it not been for her concerning body size. Actually, she says she was overweight for more than 25 years of her life. It was not really a great concern to her until she one day realised the great health risks that she was putting herself in. She talked to her husband and then decided that she wanted to lose her weight surgically. That is how she met Dr Zapata and her wonderful team of staff. It was really an amazing journey that she was ready to embark on and the staff made it possible.
When she first went to the doctor she weighed 234 pounds. She physically huge and this made her uncomfortable. She was even afraid of getting out of the house since she feared someone might see her and make fun of her. Her life had been totally ruined. After the surgery it only took one year for Vanessa to weigh 130 pounds! It was indeed a life changing experience. She never felt so beautiful and ‘light’ in her life. This also enabled her to be able to do the things she never thought she would ever do including going out for a swim, ridding in roller coasters, jogging and scuba diving. She really has a new life now that no longer revolves around food. In addition to this she is also never self conscience about anything. She has a new hobby nowadays, that is cloth shopping. Although before she was always restricted to only wearing sweat pants now she can put on anything she wants to. She is now a happy woman having no regrets to the step that she took about two years ago.

Rick is also another Gastric Sleeve Surgery patient. He is a father of two and lives in Mexico. His experience and life before the surgery is more or less the same with what you will expect with overweight people. His big body size kept him away from having a happy and social life. For most of his time he was either working or indoors with his family. In addition to this he had also been diagnosed with a heart condition and the doctor blamed it on the unhealthy life he was living. He began exercising and going to the gym regularly and managed to lose a few pound but then he opted for the surgery. Luckily, he was introduces to Obesity Solutions International. The organisation then saw him through the surgery in Mexico. The vertical sleeve gastrectomy was then performed to him by Dr. Fernando. His experience there was a memorable one. Everybody treated him differently from what he was used to, this surpassed even his greatest expectation. Later he lost over 100 pounds and is currently living a normal and happy life.